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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The entire website for Edens Gardens will be
discontinued early in August 2014.  Our business focus has changed
such that all of our resources are now being channeled to our latest
The Gypsy Quilter, with its colorful and informative web-
site that offers unique products and services to quilters everywhere.

Please visit with us today at
thegypsyquilter.com, and see the many
exciting new patterns, books and tools we offer for your enjoyment.
You can also read about our fun and educational quilting classes and
lectures,  and our superior quality custom long-arm quilting services.
If you love quilts and quilt-making, you will not want to miss this site!

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Company Overview

Edens Gardens showcases unique home and garden accessories, inclu-
ding exquisitely handcrafted custom stained glass artwork and pottery.
Located in historic Savannah, Georgia, the Edens Gardens workshop is
home to one of the most talented artisans in the Southeastern United
States.  Edens Gardens will provide a growing selection of hard-to-find
Handmade Pottery, plus Handcrafted Curiosities of exceptional beauty!

Be sure to see the first new product at our online store, a tech-savvy
wall hanging called MotherClock.  Made to order by our talented crafts-
people, this handsome battery-operated clock is made from an actual
computer motherboard, and has a CD-ROM face in your choice of blue-
green or bright-silver finish, and with black or brass hands.  Its quality
quartz clock movement includes a second hand, and uses a AA battery.

But wait, there's more!  Edens Gardens is also the home of the magical
MoonDeva and StarDeva hanging stained glass sun catchers.  These are
never mass-produced or machine-made.  Each one is carefully crafted to
order by our accomplished stained glass artist.  She is waiting to create
a very special one just for you.  And nobody else will ever have one like
it, because the individual custom designs aren't made to fixed patterns.

We also offer expert interior Painting Services with competitive prices,
including faux finishes and minor repairs.  But you won't get a typical
quick & dirty paint job.  What you will get is a fine quality finish, with
outstanding attention to detail, and a cleaned-up job site when we're
done.  We have an extensive history of extremely satisfied customers.
Check out our painting services page by clicking on the link above.  Or
request an on-site review or quotation with our Visitor Feedback form.

If you love sewing and quilting, please be sure to visit our other web-
site at The Gypsy Quilter.  This fine online store offers the very latest
in patterns and books and tools for quilts and clothing and more, from
many of the quilting industry's most respected designers.  In addition,
The Gypsy Quilter provides interesting and informative traveling quilt-
making classes and lectures, that will help you to explore exciting new
methods for creating stunning works of art in fabric.  The Gypsy Quilter
is also the home of the wildly popular tools The Original Gypsy Gripper
and The Amazing Mini Gripper.  If you regularly use rulers or templates
for your quilting projects, you really should see these nifty accessories.

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programs. We abhor pop-up ads, and we do not allow them on our web
site or those of our link partners. The integrity and security of our data
management and communications systems, and the protection of your
information, are imperative to the success and growth of our business.

Contact Information

Telephone Numbers
Days: 912-713-2258
Evenings: 912-691-2172
Postal Address
Edens Gardens
2258 Armstrong Drive
Savannah GA 31404-5661
Internet Addresses
General Information: lanette@edensgardens.com
Interior Painting:  thepaintlady@edensgardens.com
Web Master: floyd@flashlightsunlimited.com

          Edens Gardens Home   Edens Gardens Painting Services           Edens Gardens Handmade Pottery   Edens Gardens Handcrafted Curiosities

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